In 593 CY, the insidious demigod Iuz the Old was destroyed before the entire city of Greyhawk at the wedding of Alain Elywyr.

25 years have passed since that fateful day, and though the forces of evil were struck a blow, the fight continues as dark powers move into the vacuum left by the Old One’s passing. The Horned Society has risen again and moved with a cunning that Iuz lacked, while the forces of Hextor have united the once divided houses of the Great Kingdom, and war threatens over a delicate peace.

Meanwhile, while the Party of the Shattered Skull and the Party of the Shackled Skull attend to their duties as high officials and bold leaders, their children are left to face more worldy troubles, and perhaps clean up a few problems left by their overbold parents from times long past.

Children of the Shackled Skull

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