Quaran Diamondeye of House Arkanada

Scion of Zagyg


Kale knew he had something unusual on his hands when his firstborn, Quaran, was born with bright white hair. He knew, after studying his family history, that the way to tell an Arkanada is by the black hair on their heads. It seems that no matter what the heritage, the black hair stayed. So, for his child to be born with solid white hair…..

His suspicions grew as years passed. Quaran was always a strange child, searching for the strange and unusual throughout Stormspire (which is already saying something). He knew he was magically gifted when he saw a 3 year old Quaran levitating and flipping pages in the Book of All Spells. Kale was proud in a way. His son was naturally inclined to magic, to thievery, to curiosity. However, there were elements always…off. A strange sense of humor, talking to things not there, and a recklessness that bordered on lethality…it was uncanny.

Kale knew what had happened. The how wasn’t clear. Perhaps it was all the exposure to deep magical realms. Perhaps it was the various transformations he himself experienced. Or maybe it was all the exposures to Zagyg himself, getting tied up in his castle, fighting his clone, meeting a god in his home. Regardless, Zagyg had claimed his firstborn. Part of this was very disturbing to Kale, having a god claim his child. On the other hand, not only had he dealt with this before in Grace, but this was Zagyg, who had saved him and had sponsored his lady, the Silver Stitch. If nothing else, this should be amusing.

As his son grew up, Kale saw the riddles of parenthood and family in his child. In many ways Quaran was the best of him — silver tongued, clever, insightful, gifted with magic. In other ways, he was very much his mother’s child, with his charisma, beauty, and wisdom. But he clearly beared the mark of Zagyg. As his son grew he showed storms of mood. He could be a jester for all the courts, making everyone laugh, and in the same breath turn wicked and cause harm, with words or deed. Seeking to soften his son’s edges, Kale sent him around to the family, which didn’t have the effect he desired. Instead of Quaran growing more balanced, he made the world around him more chaotic. Instead of learning diplomacy, Quaran learned to be a better trickster. Instead of learning to exist in harmony with those around him, Quaran learned to “make things more interesting”. Kale worried, and fumed, but in the end he laughed, because he knew whose child Quaran was.

After spreading chaos throughout House Arkanada and bedeviling the courts of Greyhawk, Kale pulled Quaran aside. He told Quaran that the only way he was going to do what he was put here to do was to go out into the world and adventure. There were many threats that the Children of the Shackled Skull would have to face, and the only way they would be able to face them would be by growing, and growing together. Quaran replied, “Of course! Why do you think I’m here?” Kissing his father’s forehead, Quaran smiled serenely and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll keep them safe.”

And with that, Quaran Diamondeye of House Arkanada set out into the world, to plunder it’s mysteries, to face threats old and new, and to keep the lives of the Children of the Shackled Skull…..interesting.

Quaran Diamondeye of House Arkanada

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